Avalon Garden Club Plant Sale

Every year the Avalon Garden Club sells plants. The money from the sale enables them to help make Avalon just beautiful. They are hard working women who deserve applaud for all that they do so generously. You can show them how grateful you are by stopping by the Greenhouse – 39th St - on Saturday or Sunday and purchasing Your flowers for your home…whether it be here in Avalon or elsewhere. Or you could buy something small and Give it to someone you know who would appreciate it. Flowers make everyone HAPPY! So spread the Joy! ~ Miriam Kauterman , Broker/Owner, Avalon/Stone Harbor Real Estate

Beach Tags

For years we always bought our beach tags at 30th Street prior to Memorial Day in order to get a discount. Some of our tenants would buy them from a beach checker if they were only here for a week. A seasonal beach tag is $25 prior to June 1st and $30 thereafter. If one of your friends comes to visit, it is $6/a day or $13/ for the week. You can also purchase them on line at However you have to have the Viplypass App. The company will send you a receipt and you can pick them up at the Beach Tag Booth at Avalon Community Hall (30th & Avalon Ave) or at the Avalon Tax Collector’s Office. The Beach Tag Booth is now open on weekends, 10 to 4 pm and starting May 1st…everyday. If you are an Active Military Member or a Veteran, you can obtain a FREE Beach Tag. You will need appropriate Documentation…. DD-214 or a Veterans Card. 609-967-7587 is the Avalon Booth tags Number. Hope this helps! I intend on getting my beach tags this coming weekend. Maybe I’


TIME FOR DUNE GRASS PLANTING! Those of us who live or have homes on the Island, know the value of this project. The rhizomes anchor the sand and grow horizontally, thus producing new shoots and roots systems for new plants. Volunteers are needed. If you decide to participate, call Sue Keen, Mayor Pagliughi’s Secretary – 609-967-5924 After planting, a box lunch will be provided. Raindate is Sunday, the 18th of April. Bring your children and grandchildren! Looking forward to seeing all the early risers there! Miriam

Summer Rentals are Quickly Disappearing!

If you have not secured a summer rental yet for 2021, you could be in trouble. The number of rental homes is dwindling due to new Construction and the Pandemic. Also, past rental owners have decided to use the property themselves. Avalon used to have over 1200 homes for rent but, we are now between 900- 1000. With last years bookings for 2021, new rentals and fewer homes, it is getting difficult to find a rental. My word of advice to everyone looking to rent this summer, BOOK NOW!

Covid-19 in Avalon/Stone Harbor...what's happening...

While our Country is soaring with the virus, Avalon and Stone Harbor seem to be dealing pretty well with it. I might start by saying that locals and visitors take mask wearing seriously. You cannot get into a store or restaurant without a mask. People even walk the boardwalk in Avalon with a mask even though no one may be around them. So it is not surprising then that since February/March of 2019, (11 months) Avalon has had only 70 cases of Covid 19 with 3 active as of January 23rd and Stone Harbor a total of 33 with 1 active presently. Overall Cape May County has had a total of 5554 cases with most of the cases in Lower, Middle and Upper Township. Initially the County only had Avalon Community Hall giving the Covid-19 shots but 3 more centers have been opened up: the Dept of Health in Crest Haven, Shop Rite stores in Rio Grande and Marmora. You will need to call for an appt. There are no walk-ins. Stay Safe! Mriam Kauterman, 609-602-8470 cell

Weekly Avalon/Stone Harbor Real Estate Report!!!

It's January and you are probably wondering...what's happening in the Real Estate Market on 7 Mile Island. You may want to Buy or Sell and not sure how the market is faring. If you are a Seller it is doing GREAT! If you are a Buyer...well, prices have gone Up and the numbers are dwindling. Here are the facts: Avalon has 27 Single Family Homes with the lowest being (as of Jan 23rd, 2021)$1,595,000 and the highest being $11,500,000. Stone Harbor has a total of 18 Single Family Homes with the low of $2,395,00 and a high of $13,900,000. Obviously, there is no time to waste if you are looking to purchase. Whoever would have thought the Pandemic would have everyone fleeing to 7 Mile Island. But that is exactly what happened! So in one year, our inventory dwindled. If you are ready to purchase a me. If you feel it is time to me. I have lived on the island for over 40 years and can make your Purchase or Sale, a Success! Miriam Kauterman, 609-602-8470,

Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day! The heart of the world beats strongly because of the undying strength and dedication of all mothers.  We take for granted these core qualities.  We don't realize what this world would be like without moms.  They keep not only their families together but bottom line...the world together.  The love that is given to their children is unequivocally the strongest weapon in the world.  Take that spontaneous love and multiply it by over 300 billion moms.  This is undoubtedly what causes Peace in the World.  Peace in the Family and Peace within each soul.  There is so much more depth to those three words...Happy Mother's Day.