Covid-19 in Avalon/Stone Harbor...what's happening...

While our Country is soaring with the virus, Avalon and Stone Harbor seem to be dealing pretty well with it. I might start by saying that locals and visitors take mask wearing seriously. You cannot get into a store or restaurant without a mask. People even walk the boardwalk in Avalon with a mask even though no one may be around them. So it is not surprising then that since February/March of 2019, (11 months) Avalon has had only 70 cases of Covid 19 with 3 active as of January 23rd and Stone Harbor a total of 33 with 1 active presently. Overall Cape May County has had a total of 5554 cases with most of the cases in Lower, Middle and Upper Township. Initially the County only had Avalon Community Hall giving the Covid-19 shots but 3 more centers have been opened up: the Dept of Health in Crest Haven, Shop Rite stores in Rio Grande and Marmora. You will need to call for an appt. There are no walk-ins. Stay Safe! Mriam Kauterman, 609-602-8470 cell


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