Weekly Avalon/Stone Harbor Real Estate Report!!!

It's January and you are probably wondering...what's happening in the Real Estate Market on 7 Mile Island. You may want to Buy or Sell and not sure how the market is faring. If you are a Seller it is doing GREAT! If you are a Buyer...well, prices have gone Up and the numbers are dwindling. Here are the facts: Avalon has 27 Single Family Homes with the lowest being (as of Jan 23rd, 2021)$1,595,000 and the highest being $11,500,000. Stone Harbor has a total of 18 Single Family Homes with the low of $2,395,00 and a high of $13,900,000. Obviously, there is no time to waste if you are looking to purchase. Whoever would have thought the Pandemic would have everyone fleeing to 7 Mile Island. But that is exactly what happened! So in one year, our inventory dwindled. If you are ready to purchase a home...call me. If you feel it is time to Sell...call me. I have lived on the island for over 40 years and can make your Purchase or Sale, a Success! Miriam Kauterman, 609-602-8470, cell Avalon/Stone Harbor Real Estate


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