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It's Raining Dollars in Avalon/Stone Harbor!

Since January 1st of 2018 the total dollar amount of properties sold in Avalon and Stone Harbor is $86,796,375.  Not bad for an Island that is only 7 miles long and in some parts just 2.5 blocks wide.  Both towns are professionally run and have volunteers that truly care about the island. And on top of it all are the gorgeous beaches...the BEST on the East Coast and America! Even the Seagulls will agree 7 Mile Island is Top Notch!


WHAT A WEEK IN REAL ESTATE!  Only in Avalon will you find an oversized Ocean Front lot selling for $10.5 Million Dollars (63rd & Beach) and a Bayfront lot for $2.65 Million Dollars (6 Pelican).  Stone Harbor did pretty well also with a Bayfront on 104th selling for $2,024,875. The week was pretty busy... Avalon had 5 properties that SOLD...and Stone Harbor had 3. Avalon's total for the week was $17,425,000 and Stone Harbor's was $2,850,875. Avalon:  309 - 76th St - $2.3 M;   6 Pelican Dr  (Bayfront lot)- $2.650 M;   35 W 13th St - $1.825 M                7900 Dune Drive - $150,000;  162 63rd St - $10.5 M (Oceanfront Lot) Stone Harbor:  9501 First Ave - $619,000;   474 104th St - $2,024,875 (Bayfront);                8305 Third Ave - $207,000. We also had 7 homes in Avalon & 4 in Stone Harbor that went UNDER CONTRACT with 11 NEW LISTINGS  in Avalon and 3 in Stone Harbor. If you would like more information on any of the properties or would be interested i
Avalon/Stone Harbor Real Estate Activity for the Week of 2/2 to 2/9. Congrats to Eagles for winning the Superbowl!   Now down to Business...  Seven Mile Island did pretty well again! Avalon put 5 Residential Homes Under Contract along with 2 Condo's while Stone Harbor had 3 homes and 1 Condo go Under Contract.  Real Estate dollars totaled over $18 Million.  This week there were 3 settlements... 2 in Avalon and 1 in Stone Harbor totaling close to $3.4 Million. The GOOD NEWS is that there were 13 homes and 7 condo's listed for Sale this week.  Our Inventory on the Island has been dwindling which forces prices up.  Here is a quick run down of Just Listed properties for Sale: Avalon 162 34th Street - $2,295,000         316 60th Street - $4.5 M          3107 Avalon Ave - $3.795M 5878 Ocean Drive - $6.875 M       56 E 24th St - $2.395 M           258 70th St - $2.795 M Condo's - 2019 Dune - $849,000   3027 Dune Dr - $655,000         263 34th St - $975,000

Avalon Stone Harbor Real Estate results for Jan 26 to Feb 2nd.

Another Successful Real Estate Week on 7 Mile Island!  In just one week, Avalon had 5 settlements which totaled $18,445,000! Both towns had properties that went Under Contract.  Avalon had 5 and Stone Harbor had 3. with a combined dollar amount of $14,294,900.  Not bad for such a small island! Here are the 5 properties that sold in Avalon just this week. 36 W 32nd St - $2,100,000           25 W 13th St - $2,195,000           214 62nd St - $3,250,000 26 W 32nd St - $3,595,000           56 W 35th St - $7,500,000 Please call us when you are ready to Sell, Buy or Rent!