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Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day! The heart of the world beats strongly because of the undying strength and dedication of all mothers.  We take for granted these core qualities.  We don't realize what this world would be like without moms.  They keep not only their families together but bottom line...the world together.  The love that is given to their children is unequivocally the strongest weapon in the world.  Take that spontaneous love and multiply it by over 300 billion moms.  This is undoubtedly what causes Peace in the World.  Peace in the Family and Peace within each soul.  There is so much more depth to those three words...Happy Mother's Day.  

Avalon - Rated 2nd Best Beach in NJ!

Avalon rated "Second Best Beach" in New Jersey by US News! Those of us who live on the Island have known our beaches are exceptional.  We have fine white sand, very clean beaches, access to the beach at almost every street end and the best Sunrises on the Jersey Coast.  I think most locals would agree...Avalon is #1.