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Calling all Photographers!

Calling all Photographers!  Starting on May 1st, you can take your best picture to the Avalon Historical Society located on the 200 block of 39th Street.  The categories are Avalon, Nature, Scenic, Portrait & Personality and Childrens category.  You should go through all your pictures and pick out your best one.  It is only $10 to enter.  You can call 609-967-0090 and get more particulars. They will be on display for everyone to view during May and June.  There are moments in time that are fun to share with everyone so go for it and ENTER!                                    ---

Booming Sales Market in Avalon & Stone Harbor!!!

Booming Sales Market in Avalon & Stone Harbor!  Both towns are enjoying a tremendous thrust into the Spring/Summer Market.  Avalon has had only 56 homes sell but the total sold number is staggering...$114,722,000 while Stone Harbor has had 26 properties totaling $43,800,000. Our Seven Mile Island of Paradise is totaling $158,522,000!  We are undoubtedly into a Sellers Market.  If a home is priced at current market value, it will sell quickly.  Also with inventory down, it will push sale prices up.  That is a great combination for a brisk market. If you are thinking of buying or selling, now is the time to get on board with AVALON/STONE HARBOR REAL ESTATE!  Give us a call - 609-967-9200 and let us find that Perfect Property for you!                                          

Where are the BEST LOOKING firemen in NJ?

Where are the BEST LOOKING firefighters in NJ!  Really?  You don't know? Avalon & Stone Harbor Volunteer Fire Departments!  Where else!  We not only have very good looking firefighters but dedicated ones who put in countless volunteer hours, take training courses to protect the public and themselves, have drill nights almost every night after working a full day at another job and who respond quickly to fire calls.  They also participate in town events. Their dedication never ends.  Next time you hear the fire alarm know that your town is in good hands and then check out the firefighters in their fire uniforms!  :)

Yeaaa! The Avalon Brew Pub is open!!!

Yeaaa!  The Avalon Brew Pub is open!   It is the only Craft Brewery on our Island.  On draft now is Chill Pilz (Pilsner), Belgium Beach Bum (Witbier), We Don't Play (IPA) Cooler by a Mile (Session IPA) and they also have Seasonal Drafts.  The atmosphere is very cool! People are even cooler! and the food is absolutely delicious!!!  Parking is tough on 79th St so park in the parking lot of the Hotel and walk thru the Icona lobby to get there.  You will not be disappointed and may just adopt this as your new spot to hang out in!

Yes Virginia, there is a WaWa in Avalon & Stone Harbor!

Yes Virgina there is a WaWa in Avalon & Stone Harbor!  Most of our renters and owners come from Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware so it is not surprising after several hours of looking for that special home that they would ask, "Do you have a WaWa in town?".  The Avalon WaWa is located between 27th & 28th Street on Ocean Drive.  The Stone Harbor WaWa is at the corner of 94th & Third Avenue.  Both stores have all the basic food items plus a great menu with new additions all the time!  Sevice is quick!  Food is great!  People who work there are genuinely friendly! So Virginia, besides a Santa, we also have a WaWa!