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$114,000,000 in Sales

                                               $114,000,000 in Sales since 1/1/2018 Nothing can stop the continued sales on the small island of Avalon and Stone Harbor... NOT "4" Nor easters, NOT flooding, NOT high winds, NOT snow or ice....NOTHING! Properties are going Under Contract...Inventory is disappearing...With over 9000 properties on the island there are only 234 for Sale.  Pickings may be slim but the homes are absolutely gorgeous!  If you have any thoughts on buying, now is the time so you can be here for the Summer Season and enjoy the Best Beaches on the East Coast... and never miss a spectacular Sunrise or Sunset!         Call us to help you find the best property for YOU!         Avalon/Stone Harbor Real Estate - 877-967-9200                                                                                                                       

Fourth Nor'easter...

Avalon & Stone Harbor may not have gotten the 4 to 8 inches of snow but we did get the high winds and coastal flooding.  The Press of Atlantic City's staff photographer, Dale Gerhard,  took a great picture of a home which is probably the closest home to the ocean in Avalon.  Other pictures that are included show the loss of beach in the North End.   With all that said, there is not an Island along the East Coast that has not been damaged in some way.  Avalon & Stone Harbor are no exception.  What we do have though are Mayors & Council members who are always working  to  find innovative ways to protect our Island and our Beaches!   Kudos to Mayors Marty Pagliughi and Judy Davies-Dunhour.!   

Chicken Little…The Sky must be falling! There were 9 new listings in Avalon & Stone UNDER One Million Dollars!

  Those of you who truly wish to buy a home or condo on 7 Mile Island and not spend a Million Dollars, here is your chance!  Ten new listings and 9 of them under a million dollars is pretty incredible.    Usually it is 10 new listings and 9 of them are over 2 to 3 Million.   Call us soon before you lose out on this unique opportunity! Our market continues to soar with settlements.   In the past two weeks we had 6 settlements on the Island totaling over $14 Million dollars and 10 homes went Under Contract.   Despite the High Wind!   Rain!   High Tides!   Flooding!   and Chicken Little screaming the "Sky is falling....  Our Real Estate Market marches on!  Nothing can stop the continued growth in Avalon and Stone Harbor!